"We have our Boy Scout"

Radio report from the searcher who located 12-year-old Michael Auberry, the Boy Scout who went missing for days during a camping trip.

What is UT Co. search and rescue?

It is a high skilled and trained team of volunteers
who serve Utah County citizens.

Its purpose is to:

  • Assist local first responders and law enforcement in locating and recovering victims who's life is in peril in Utah Counties varied terrain.
  • Become the nations premier SAR team through consistent training, support and education in mountain rescue skills, medical training and water rescue methods.
  • Serve the visitors and citizens of Utah County by providing rescue services at no cost to the victim.
  • Contribute to a safe community by conducting training and education experiences for youth and adults.

Utah County Search and Rescue

Utah County’s varied topography – tall mountains, steep cliffs, endless trails, deep caves, swift rivers, vast lakes – creates a natural paradise for outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds…until something goes wrong.

Changing weather conditions can lead to disorientation, hypothermia, and other dangers. Four-foot waves can whip up in minutes on Utah Lake. Vehicles can roll over or get stuck. Ankles can twist or break. Children can wander away and get lost. Hikers can suddenly find themselves in the middle of steep cliffs with no way up or down. Accidents of all types can turn a fun evening outing into a life-threatening ordeal.

That’s when it’s nice to know that Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue is ready to respond at a moments notice.