1. How do I join Search & Rescue?
We take on new team members annually, around October of each year. Please fill out the form located here:

Membership Application

2. Do Search & Rescue members get paid?
No. We are an all volunteer agency. In fact, it costs team members roughly $3,000 – $5,000 in expenses to be active members of the team. These expenses include gasoline, wear and tear on car (mostly highway miles, as the most rugged off-road work is done with Sheriff Office machines.)

3. Why do you do it if it is high-risk at times and cost you time and money?
There are so many answers to this valid question, depending on who you ask. For most team members, the reason they are on the team is to serve the community. A wonderful additional reason is team members become very close friends and family to us. We stay on the team because we simply enjoy surrounding ourselves with such wonderful people.

4. How do I call Search & Rescue if there is an emergency?
Simply dial 9-1-1 and we will be activated to respond to emergencies.

5. Do I need to be a climber, EMT or other specialty to join?
No, but those are a bonus. We don’t discriminate on race, ethnicity, gender, financial status or any other protected status. We simple want to find potential team members that help us become a complete team, a team that can respond to a wide range of rescues effectively. If you have something to offer that we need, we want to work with you.