Not only does Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue respond at all hours of the day and night when you need them, in all seasons and all types of dangerous terrain, but it does so at no charge. Nearly all of the costs incurred in a rescue are paid from the pockets of the dedicated volunteers who make up your team and generous donors. We purchase our own gear, pay for our gas, and take off time from work and away from our families participate in regular training and to respond to emergencies when you need us. Why? Perhaps our perspective was best expressed by Sgt. Tom Hodgson, our Sheriff department liaison. As we set out one night to find a lost child, he put it this way: “Every child is our child.” We invite you to get acquainted with your local SAR team on this web page, read about recent and classic rescues, learn valuable outdoor safety information, and if you are able and willing, apply to join us or donate to support our efforts. Your generous donations save lives!