A climber took a tumble down a cliff above Bridal Veil Falls and miraculously came to a stop ten feet before falling over the next cliff, which he would not have survived.

SAR arrived and treated relatively mild medical issues, then rather than carry our patient for over a mile of narrow, steep, and exposed trails to an ambulance, the Department of Public Service helicopter arrived and hoisted him to safety.

In this photo, the DPS rescue expert looks very much like an angelic visitor responding to SAR’s call, and in reality, that’s pretty much exactly true.

Others may argue that it looks like an alien abduction in process, complete with tractor beam pulling someone into the sky. We look forward to the future when such technology becomes available.

A big thanks to DPS, and to other outstanding agencies we often work with, for your expertise and dedication to expediting crucial medical care.

Also a big thank you to everyone who hikes and climbs carefully and safely. If you don’t, and you learn your lesson the hard way…give us a call! You know our number: 911